With a cornerstone of diversity, Week 8 walked unto the breach with a multi-pronged approach. A gallant group of 16 ventured to USC to participate in the STEM Challenge. Magnificently, our team walked away with a victory trophy in one category, a close 2nd in the catapult and a very close 4th overall. Back on campus, neurons were firing madly as some groups re-focused to venture into gaming, the internet of things (automated pantry concept) and community outreach.

Consolidating groups went from strength to strength as they gathered both information and human resources. Facilitators worked closely with groups to push their questioning, and challenging students to extend their thinking. As our first term draws to an end, the anticipation of what is to come is tantalising.


Colleen Crase

Passionate about teaching English Communications, which focuses on engaging students who struggle in ‘main-stream’ subjects, Colleen brings to the team a wealth of experience with middle and senior school students and a real desire to make a difference in their learning.

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