Students prepared and presented video pitches

Today IT happened. The day all the facilitators have been waiting for… DeLorean projects were taking shape. Students spent the day working through their project ideas, crystalising them into actionable plans and, quite frankly, inspiring us! Their ideas were amazing, their planning was logical, detailed and well considered, their passion was something to behold.

Students prepared and presented video pitches to inform the rest of the group of their project ideas and they were captivated by each other’s ideas. Some even worked through lunch!

IMG_5226Our new furniture has been a great way for students to brainstorm and generate ideas. It’s all easily movable meaning students can organise the space they are working in, including the size of the room (due to movable partitions). With more writable surfaces than you can shake a whiteboard eraser at, it has highlighted the importance of the physical learning space with regard to student engagement. Great things are definitely under way!

Checkout the ‘Projects‘ page in the days/weeks to come to see how these ideas develop and morph into what we hope will become truly groundbreaking learning opportunities for our DeLorean students.



Colleen Crase

Passionate about teaching English Communications, which focuses on engaging students who struggle in ‘main-stream’ subjects, Colleen brings to the team a wealth of experience with middle and senior school students and a real desire to make a difference in their learning.

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