With Shark Tank done and dusted for another year, the Year 10 DeLorean Project students have had time to reflect on their efforts, achievements and successes.

With a greater focus in 2017 on collaborative structures, teams entered the ‘tank’ knowing that the option to dissolve was not available. The commitment to their teams has been impressive, especially given that negotiation and mediation are the only options at their disposal. With facilitator guidance, teams have found ways to work to each others’ strengths and not fracture because of their weaknesses.

As the term draws to a close, teams are fast approaching the final stages of their preparation in getting their projects ‘out the door’. Product has been shipped from China, events have been booked, donations continue to be sourced and contact with the greater community continues to expand. Term 3 promises great things for our students as they continue to strive towards the realisation of their projects.

Should you wish to partner with the DeLorean Project, see the ‘Contact’ details.

Colleen Crase

Passionate about teaching English Communications, which focuses on engaging students who struggle in ‘main-stream’ subjects, Colleen brings to the team a wealth of experience with middle and senior school students and a real desire to make a difference in their learning.

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