Rob Steffler (DeLorean Founder & Facilitator)

Rob is the Dean of Studies who has long had a passion for innovative curriculum. As the instigator of the DeLorean Project, he is the one we have to thank for finding and collating all the supporting data and research that tells us we are onto a great thing. In a plan that began in 2015, Rob put out the call for teachers of a similar mind, to share in his vision for a mighty student negotiated learning project. Destined to be something new, innovative, inspirational and, most of all, to provide authentic, engaging learning opportunities for our Year 10 students, the DeLorean Project was born. Rob has afforded each Year 10 cohort a truly unique occasion to have ownership over their learning, to impact their community and to follow their own passions. The DeLorean Project is a truly rare bird, with very few other schools nationally offering anything akin to it. Rob’s close relationship with the University of the Sunshine Coast, which is providing a selection of our Year 10 DeLorean students with genuine research experience involving weekly 1-on-1 mentoring by PhD students, has also expressed an educational interest in researching the impacts of the program on student outcomes. This support from the academic community only lends credence to Rob and his vision for the DeLorean Project.

Colleen Crase (DeLorean Coordinator & Facilitator)

Passionate about teaching English Communications, which focuses on engaging students who struggle in ‘main-stream’ subjects, Colleen brings to the team a wealth of experience with middle and senior school students and a real desire to make a difference in their learning. As the Year Level Coordinator for the Year 10 cohort, she has a particular vested interest in seeing them thrive and succeed. Colleen is also the DeLorean Project Coordinator, overseeing the week-to-week logistics of the project, ensuring that the team deliver an efficient and effective program. Colleen’s dedication, sense of humour and her well-honed administration and communication skills make her invaluable to the DeLorean Project.


Brad Hampson (DeLorean Facilitator)

As the Head of Design Technologies, Brad brings to the DeLorean Project vast experience in the field of innovation and collaborative learning. Having long been involved in STEM projects and other Action Research projects, Brad has the kind of experience and understanding necessary to give DeLorean the wings it needs to fly. With a passion for his students, Brad is an avid advocate for student involvement and engagement and has pioneered community based endeavours that live long in the memories of the students he has inspired. From a design and technology perspective, Brad’s involvement will see students receiving practical, as well as, motivational instruction and inspiration from him.


 Rob Maguire (DeLorean Facilitator)

Rob has a passion and a heart for his students. As evidenced by his interactions with students in his capacity as Year 12 Coordinator and as Senior English and History teacher, Rob has a very real and genuine desire to see his students succeed. Enthusiastic and energising, Rob provides a wealth of experience to the project. He has the capacity to push students to crystalise their ideas and challenge their thinking. Rob works to ensure that his students are left with no regrets and with no stone unturned when it comes to bringing their projects to fruition. This is truly the stuff DeLorean is made of. Our team would be incomplete without him.



Beryl Morris (DeLorean Facilitator)

Beryl is our Secondary Teacher Librarian and brings with her a wealth of curriculum knowledge, experience in ‘project-based’ learning and, in particular, an understanding of the Action Research Process. We are excited about partnering with Independent Schools Queensland and the University of the Sunshine Coast to research the effect of this program on student outcomes. Along with interacting with the students in this program on a weekly basis, Beryl will oversee the gathering and analysis of data regarding the DeLorean Project and its longitudinal benefits and impacts. Beryl’s compassion for, and engagement with students in authentic and ‘deep’ learning processes and experiences make her an extremely valuable team member .


Brad Evans (DeLorean Facilitator)

An all round media and IT guru, Brad’s talents are one of the biggest assets of the DeLorean Project. Whether he’s creating websites, Twitter and Facebook accounts, designing apps or capturing all of our adventures, Brad always finds time to collaborate with the students and inspire them and help them make their dreams a reality. His collaborations and contributions to the students and his documentation of this exciting endeavour will make it possible for a student team to take over our social media platform in the very near future.



 Tanya Cullen (DeLorean Facilitator)

Tanya’s heart beats for all things Business and student advocacy! The most recent addition to the DeLorean team, Tanya has a passion for innovation in curriculum. Teaching Business, Legal Studies and spearheading the Student Voice (student council) across the College, she has insight into the needs of students, as well as the capacity for high level student engagement. Tanya’s inclusion in the DeLorean Project will bring about a sharper focus on the enterprise aspects of student’s projects, as well as a keen eye for professionalism and standards of excellence.