DeLorean Mobile Coffee (DMC)

2017 has brought with it an exciting new adventure in the shape of a DeLorean mobile coffee van. The student baristas have gone through an application process and will now take ownership of the van which was purchased by the P & F.

Students will be responsible for:

  • up-skilling in barista and customer service areas
    (making coffee, handling cash)
  • preparation and up-skilling in WH&S
  • sourcing sustainable, local produce (particularly coffee & milk) and consumables (cups etc)
  • maintaining the van to an exceptional standard ofcleanliness and function (machines kept in working order)
  • building the business to become available during the week (before & after school)
  • being involved in the potential employment of a before/after school barista
  • maintaining the business (paying bills, promoting the business… ).

Our vision is for the students successfully run the van as an independent business, supplying high quality coffee (initally) at College events. They will also have the mantle of creating a sustainable business that is financially viable. It is our hope that they will become an entity that ultimately runs to support social justice ventures, chosen by the coffee van team.

Who are our DMC students you may be wondering?

Hamish White – Operating as Stock Manager

Larissa Stead – Service Manager

Josh Bull – Finance Manager, Barista

Olivia Madely – Group Leader, Barista

Ben Kirkitcha – Barista

Back to the Uni…

Our 2017 University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) DeLorean Projects are about to move into full swing, with 5 of our Year 10 students getting the opportunity to work on a real research project and be mentored by a PhD Candidate on a weekly basis. Overseen by Associate Professor Adam Polkinghorne (Director of the Animal Research Centre at USC), this program is an exciting insight into the power of partnership.Glasshouse Christian College - USC Partnership

In 2016, we had 7 students pave the way for this program, working on various animal research projects under the guidance of Dr Polkinghorne and 6 of his PhD Candidates. Our students well and truly exceeded everyone’s expectations, challenging our paradigm of what students are capable of learning at a given age and showing us what is possible given the opportunity. Students successfully finished their year of research with a formal presentation to parents, PhD students, and university academics, including the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Health, Engineering and Education, Dr John Bartlett, who was very impressed by what these high school students had achieved.

This year, we are so excited that our partnership with USC has extended into 3 of the schools within the faculty mentioned above, with projects in Health Science, Nursing and Midwifery as well as Science and Engineering. What’s in it for our students? A chance to follow their passion of science and genuinely contribute to something that is real (no different the rest of our DeLorean Projects back at school).

What’s in it for the PhD Candidates? A chance to gain HDR supervision, as well as give back the community that made them want to pursue science, and encourage the next generation to do the same.

Active in Your Active wear

An exciting way for parents to get fit is here! Active in Your Active Wear is a fitness program for adults that encourages fitness while having fun and socialising in their community. Parents will drop off their children at school then be able to workout with the help of five facilitators who are in year ten. They have organised workout routines and stretches to get your body back into shape. The program takes place at the Glasshouse Country Baptist Church on Wednesday mornings. Younger children are also looked after in the playgroup next door.

The creators/facilitoators of this great program love their school and it’s community so much that they feel this program will be beneficial for parents.

The following is the 5 students who are responsible for this amazing new small business.

Kate Jackson

Lauren Brockhurst

Olivia Roach

Jess Perro

Zoe Roche


Together these girls have the chance to work with people in their community while contributing to their overall wellbeing. This program gives parents a chance to find their balance between work and family life

Cooking Buddy

Are you a stressed parent? We want to help!

We know that you don’t have time for cooking nutritious meals for your family, or going grocery shopping for sugary snacks.

Our team at cooking buddy strives to help children and young adults gain the cooking skills that they need. By doing so, we sent a survey to students at our school in Grades 7-10 to see if they know how to cook. Questions like, “Can you boil an egg?” and “How often do you make your own meals?” were asked. The team was very surprised to discover that only 14 out of 220 people cooked their own meals.

We believe that more students should be able to cook for themselves  and gain more confidence in the kitchen. They should be able to develop their skills and knowledge to be independent both now and in the future. They also need to be encouraged to eat more nutritious food and be more proactive in developing a healthy lifestyle.  These results motivated us to create an innovative idea to help these children. We found that creating a website would be the best solution for this problem. The website will require a subscription which will allow access to all our delicious recipes and helpful instruction through step by step videos on a range of basic meals and snacks. Cooking buddy will change the way you think about cooking! All our profit goes towards improving our website and looking for more ways to help our audience.


Allow us to introduce the Hexit Multi-Con. Hexit is a small company made by three teenage school students with a passion for video games, who wanted the perfect controller for everyone. Everyone has a controller preference, and there hasn’t been a controller that has appeased everyone.

Every player has a different hand shape and people prefer some controllers over others. With the Multi-Con, you can change the layout of your controller and make it the way you want! You can fully customise your gaming experience with minimal effort. The best part is, it’s universal. This means that you will only ever need this one controller for all of your gaming!

Storage Buddy

Not to long ago we had a fellow class member get a bad case of food poisoning and was put into a wheelchair due to the fact the fish he ate wasn’t stored correctly. So he wasn’t able to do sport and every day things became harder and he was never safe because he couldhave relapses at any time. This inspired us to come up with our idea of storage buddy to help businesses store things safer and correctly. This improves training making it easier and faster, improving organisation all together.

Storage buddy is a cross contamination prevention system that uses LED lights in commercial fridges and cold rooms, cafes and restaurants to stay organised and make training faster and more effective therefore saving time and money.


NALU - Delorean ProjectNALU

The NALU story – The journey of NALU started when we experienced difficulty transporting our surfboards to the beach. We all loved to go surfing, but getting the surfboard there easily was always the issue. We lived far away from the beach, didn’t have a car and using a bike to transport the surfboard was difficult because of its awkward size and weight to manage on the busy roads.

Then we had a revelation. A surfboard that is able to split into two pieces for easy and reliable transportation. We are now hard at work and are passionate to develop and make this idea a reality. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and information!

Check out our website –

Operation Pj’s

It is a freezing winter night and you are walking down the street, you stopped to look around and see a young child laying on the pavement freezing because they have nothing to keep her warm.

Just imagine how that child would feel knowing that someone is looking out for them and the many smiles you would get by giving someone hope and warmth.

Our organisation, Operation Pj’s is about providing young children in need with Pyjamas.
We have developed a website that allows kindhearted strangers to buy pyjamas and have those pyjamas sent to our organisation. We then distribute these to those in need, by hand.

We are starting out locally, when we get enough support and receive sponsorship then we will look at expanding to other areas.

It is our goal at Operation Pj’s to have no child suffer the cold of a winters night.

If you would like to support us, we ask that you would please donate to our cause at and give us a follow on Instagram, using the link above.


From a group of 15 year old schoolboys having a passion for adventuring and endurance but there’s one problem. At school today there are 159 people with phones, over 102 of them were even cracked or broken.

VAULT is a company making a difference in the Sports and Recreation market. We are currently developing a virtually indestructible, portable safe that is designed to withstand the Highest Mountain Tops to the Depths of the Sea. We are operating out of the DeLorean Project at Glasshouse Christian College which has given us this opportunity to create our dream.

Check out our social media!

Message Pops

Do you want to give someone a gift they will never forget?

Do you want to tell someone how much you love them?

Do you know someone that just loves sweets?

Do I have a product for you!

Hello my name is Angela , I’m a year 10 student at GCC. I run a business called message pops.

Message pops are lollipops bouquets that you can  send a message with! You just order online, and I make them.

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