On 24th May, GCC will again play host to our very own ‘Shark Tank’. What was a resounding success in 2016, promises to be equally exciting for our 2017 students. With Term One done and dusted, the Year 10 students of Glasshouse Christian College’s DeLorean Project wait with bated breath for their turn at Shark Tank.

Following their predecessors’ lead, the 2017 cohort of young entrepreneurs and social enterprisers are ready to pitch their project ideas to the illustrious industry professionals gathered for the ‘tank’. This year’s roster includes luminaries from both the public and private sectors of business and enterprise, all with a desire to inspire and encourage the next generation, as they develop into future builders. Our wonderful ‘Sharks’ are:

  • Patrick Twomey, General Manager – Growth and Development – Sunsuper
  • Graham Scott, Entrepreneur – Wheelhouse Coffee, Crow & Arrow
  • John Sterling Carter, Productivity Ecologist
  • Macca Reardon, Entrepreneur
  • Kayleen Thompson, Pakton Technologies

The day will begin with a meet and greet, then each team will present their pitch to the ‘Sharks’ for the potential of $200 additional funds for their project, as well as, incalculably valuable advice from the ‘Sharks’. There will also be time later in the day for, what we like to call, The Feeding Frenzy. This will give the ‘Sharks’ the opportunity to workshop with small groups informally, and for the students to hone their ideas and respond to their ‘Shark Tank’ feedback.

Should you be interested in keeping up to date with our ‘Shark Tank’ merriment, simply join our live stream by clicking the button below between 9:00am and 3:00pm on Wednesday the 24th of May (THIS WEDNESDAY!)

Colleen Crase

Passionate about teaching English Communications, which focuses on engaging students who struggle in ‘main-stream’ subjects, Colleen brings to the team a wealth of experience with middle and senior school students and a real desire to make a difference in their learning.

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