We’ve created three buttons:

The first button takes you to some of the research articles that underpin the justification for our program and clearly articulate the need for this type of learning in schools. This research makes it glaringly obvious that changes in our education system are required to better prepare young people for the workforce of the future.

The second button takes you to a resources document, which is a PDF that compiles many of the resources that we have used to develop our program. These resources are chronologically sequenced and grouped according to the four phases of our program, from ‘Foundations’, the explicit teaching that front loads our program, to ‘Showcase’, where students present their year’s work to the DeLorean community. Please use and share these resources as you please.

The third button takes you to a really fun, but challenging innovation game, that allows you to experience some of the challenges our students face when trying to take an idea from their brain and turn it into something tangible. This activity will hopefully push you outside your comfort zone, while giving you the opportunity to practice some of the skills and capabilities that our program focuses on.