The DeLorean Project is back! 2017 promises to bring its next chapter with gusto and enthusiasm in distinctive Year 10 style. With the facilitators, and the project itself, undergoing some significant re-defining, re-shaping and re-focusing, our second year promises to challenge the students to confidently embrace and explore the DeLorean Spheres.

The DeLorean Spheres

The core business of DeLorean has always been to provide an authentic student-driven curriculum, while finding a way to develop the aspects of ACARA referred to as the General Capabilities. The General Capabilities are a suite of skills often referred to as ‘21st Century Skills’. Our key focus within these skills continues to be ‘Critical and Creative Thinking’ and ‘Personal and Social Capabilities’.

Over the past 7 weeks, Year 10 students have embarked on a learning journey with a strong focus on understanding their personality and learning/working style, developing cooperative learning skills, collaborative problem solving, group formation and working though concept design and idea generation.

Of course, the very heartbeat of DeLorean is student engagement and enthusiasm. As these skillsets have been unpacked, the students have begun to see the direction they want to take with their project, sound in the knowledge that they are equipped to function as a cohesive team, with skills to negotiate ideas, dramas and success.

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