The Media Team

IMG_8083 (1)We are Rebecca BW, Thomas Holley & Daniel O’Farrell. Our project is The DeLorean Project’s Media Team. We photograph, film and lend IT support to other groups and their projects, and promote the DP. Our aim – to spread the word of The DeLorean Project and what it’s about through social media.

Aussie Basketball

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-12-57-07-pmWe are AussieBasketball and we are a YouTube channel designed to make you laugh. We may not be the best basketballers in the world but we DO know how to have some fun. If you’re up for a laugh, cry or maybe cry from laughing, give us a chance and take a look at our YouTube channel and hit us up on Facebook and twitter!

Upside Down

I am passionate about students having the best possible high school experience.  To do this I talk to Year 7 and 8 students about depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem in a positive and helpful way. I do this with an engaging, free of charge, student-oriented presentation. Here is a link to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Lure Me In

IMG_8110Our group designs and paints lures using an airbrush and waterproof paint. We will be selling these lures to the public. These lures are suitable for both fresh and salt water. The lures will be capable of catching fish up to 60cm long.

Shane’s How To’s

2fiddyMy project strives to provide quality tips and advice to aspiring riders and beginners, I believe it is beneficial to receive advice from someone who is still learning and has beginner techniques fresh in their mind. My end goal is to have a channel that is a place for beginner riders to discuss problems, techniques ect.

 Aussie Turtle Rescues

turteAussie Turtle Rescue is a project run by two Year 10 students from Glasshouse Christian College. We have a passion for Australian marine life, particularly Green Sea Turtles and wish to help their plight. Our current project is to promote awareness of, and raise money for, Sea Life Mooloolaba’s Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Our website includes information about Australian marine life and what we can do to help out. We have also run a small competition about guessing how many lollypops are in a jar, each guess has been worth a dollar and all proceeds will go towards Sea Life Mooloolaba’s turtle rehabilitation Centre. Please visit our website for more information on how you can help.

Pay For Hay

Pay for Hay’s aim is to support farmers and their families in Longreach who are struggling in the devastating drought, by raising money through public stalls and online donation sites. This is a problem that needs desperate attention, but we need help from the community, are you willing to help? To donate or learn more, visit the links below. Thank you!

Eye To Eye

screen-shot-2016-05-27-at-12-44-00-pmHey, I’m Brooke and welcome to the Eye to Eye project! This is a project I created in hope to change the world in a positive and powerful way. I want to bring awareness to real problems and show that there is more to this world. I want people to know that there are bigger problems in this world and that we can’t just live our lives ignoring them, we actually need to do something, and not later, but now.

Flexi Collar

IMG_8157Our group aims to create a collar that will be able to track your pet’s movements if they leave your designated area. Before we reach that stage we intend on just putting together a prototype collar that will just have a led lighting strip on it.

My Perspective

IMG_7518My perspective is a Christian website that promotes the Godly way of doing things. With weekly blog posts, soon to be videos and RE lesson plans I have created a modern website that has constant discussions and new fun topics that can apply to all ages. This website is focused on teenagers and young adults as I am able to relate to the current issues that face that age group.

EDGe (Educational Development Game)

IMG_8158I am creating a concept for an educational MMO for maths called Number Blades. When I have finished coming up with the ideas and concept I will go to some gaming companies to present it to then and ask them to make it. It is to help kids to be more interested in maths.

The Yellow Hearts Foundation

pasted-image-0The Yellow Hearts Foundation aims to bring, support and love to the homeless community by supplying care packs. These care packs contain simple, yet vital products for everyday use that those of the homeless community need but cannot afford. There are 2 options of care packs, (one female, one male) and each care pack is slightly different. In Australia, there are currently over 105,273 homeless people, with Queensland having the second highest homeless population of the country. With over 2,100 people homeless in Brisbane alone, and we saw a void in our community that we could fill with compassion and selflessness. To support our group and to advertise our project, we have created a website, This gives the public an insight to our cause and an opportunity for individuals and organisations to express interest with donations.

Animal Refuge Support

4f0e2028-611c-4f71-a9e5-6c894a4858c3We are a group that is passionate about the welfare of animals and would like to support a local animal refuge. We are going to raise money by putting money tins at local business’ around Beerwah and then use the money to purchase resources that the refuge needs.

Cake Face

unnamedThe Cakeface blog is the go-to place for reviews on alternative products that you need in your makeup bag. We go through and discuss whether the expensive products are worth the excitement and your dollar.

Delorean Gaming

flux-capacitorDeLorean Gaming is a group of young people passionate about video games, building a YouTube community and raising money for charity.

Any funds we get from our YouTube videos will be donated to the Salvation Army. We are open to suggestions in the comments of our videos on which games you would love to see us play. We would then include this content in a video on our channel.

We are also looking for people who might want to be included in a video. Please go and watch our videos using the link below, leave a like and comment on what you would like to see on our channel. This has been DeLorean Gaming.

Wattle to Water

unnamed (1)People are dying because of poverty; this tragedy happens because of the poverty cycle, please help as this can be stopped. The goal of this organisation is to help renew the health of those in poverty through the cleansing of their water supply therefore reducing the risk of illness. Wattle to water will also be planting native Australian trees to prevent the extinction of our beloved plant life.




Fit School

fit-happensAffordable fitness for parents.

We are running classes every Wednesday morning between 9 and 10:30. This is for parents who drop their kids off at school and are looking for an intense workout. The classes come at a very reasonable price to make it available for everyone. This project is designed to impact people’s lives by improving their physical health. We will run the classes at the school gym and on the grass in the surrounding area.

CupCakes 4 Compassion

cupcakesCupcakes 4 Compassion is a non-profit fundraising organisation run through the Delorean Project at Glasshouse Christian College. We are making cupcakes and raising money to help provide children in third world countries with education, health and shelter to prepare them for their future. Compassion helps kids in third world countries who are in need. Help us make a kids day, today.

Battle of the grades

fire-wallpaper-soccer-ballBattle Of The Grades is a project made for a sport competition for year 3, 4, 5, and 6. This project will benefit the kids by making their lunch times more enjoyable, helping them interact socially and also helping the kids outdoors and help them to be more physical. We are motivated to do this because we strive to make a change for the better in kid’s lives! Go ahead and find our Facebook

Prep Connections

Helping prep students is the vision and passion of Prep Connections. We aim to improve the numeracy skills of prep students through games, interactions and stories. Our goal is to raise money through our youtube channel by providing audiobooks, vlogs and other educational videos for young children, early childhood teachers, prep teachers and parents. The money that is raised from these videos will be donated to schools around the Sunshine Coast to purchase fun learning activities for prep students. Jump on to our social media to find out more about our project and support us!





Phone Arsenal

phone-arsenalWebsite –

Instagram – @phonearsenal41

Twitter – @phonearsenal41

Kiss N Makeup

fotorcreatedWe are two young teenage girls who love to do makeup and have lots of fun. We combine our love and passions of makeup and beauty with a desire to help other young ladies with low self-esteem.




Pantry Mate

Pantry Mate will revolutionise the way that you store and use food!!!! You will never learn to live without this ever again!!!!! It will make your lives easier and much more time efficient!!! so join us on our journey to bring you a revolutionary product!!!!